About us

The Supercell mission is to make ventilation filters more accessible and affordable than ever before, taking on the monopolies of large corporations and suppling quality clean air filtration to home owners that is affordable so they can enjoy the many benefits of Home ventilation again.

After many years in the HVAC (heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry Supercell found many home owners  couldn't afford to change their filters or had very poor after sales service and lack of access to spare parts and filters.

Supercell has filled this void with a complete range of compatible filters for HRV,DVS, Moisture Master, Smartvent ,Super Vent and custom made filters.

Supercell is found on the internet @ www.supercell.co.nz & www.ventilationfilters.co.nz Trade Me and in Bunnings stores across the country

Other products include

Heat pumps from $900

Insulation, wool and polyester

Super vent  the most affordable 4 outlet home ventilation system on the market with a price tag of only $1360.  

Cavius Fire alarms  10 year battery life.