Supercell New Zealand's sustainability bench mark

Sustainability is efficient operation with economical energy requirements that reduce base loads & pressure on resources from mother nature.

Supercell products create dry healthy homes and business's that need many times less energy to keep occupants & property in great condition for less input & cost.

While the world requires more and more energy Supercell's mission is to deal with the problem rather than being an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff by using carbon credits.

We believe that first, we must address the problem and identify what isn't  working in order to start the true journey to sustainability.

Here in New Zealand due to our damp wet winters and humid summers, moisture has an insatiable appetite for energy in heating cooling and dehumidification.

"An unhealthy damp home is like rollerskating on grass when it comes to energy efficiency, it will use a lot of energy but it won't get far."

When our homes stay cold and  damp or hot and humid the damage  to the person's health  and their property is ongoing and costly.

We at Supercell know by keeping property dry and healthy less energy is required from the grid for heating and cooling. Clothes & personal effects last longer while property stays healthy & safe meaning less pressure on consumables healthcare and building products.

All the above, energy, healthcare, the manufacturing of personal effects and building products all take a toll on the earths resources.

To be sustainable the first cab off the rank needs to be a scale of efficiency supported by economic systems that manage the negative factors on these consumables which is exactly the space Supercell LTD lives in.

Once we have this in place, renewable energy will become more effective as less energy is required to do the same job.

Ventilation systems run for the same cost as a 50 watt light bulb while using solar gain to dry and flush homes and buildings with clean air while managing damp.

The low operating AMP's also mean they can run easily from solar or wind systems.

The cumulative cost is the 5 billion dollor respiratory disease pandemic in NZ. This is largely due to damp properties which remove life opportunities for low socio-economic areas who use sports or physical labour as an exit from systemic povity.

These properties have extremely high power bills which put pressure & stress on the families which in turn leads to mental health issues that can spiral into more problmatic issues. 

Supercell products are the unseen sustainability power house that help releave pressure on resources which relieves pressure on all of us.