Gree WEKA Heat Pump 7.1kW Cooling 8 kW Heating



Gree Heat Pump 7.1kW cooling 8.0kW heating


  • WIFI, 3D AirFlow, I-Feel Mode, Eco Mode, LED Display, Intelligent Auto Restart, Nano Cataylistic air filter, Gold Fin Coil treatment, 6 year Warranty


  • Healthy fresh home
  • Healthy family
  • Warmer in winter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Easy to heat or cool when needed
  • Lower energy costs
  • less maintenance
  • fewer dust mites, and allergens
  • Reduced condensation

With WEKA at your side, you can fight the heat and still be kind to the environment. Energy efficient yet powerful, the WEKA is a high-energy inverter ductless split system that excels at single zone applications.

Don’t be fooled by its compact design.

Despite its cooling power, the WEKA's quiet operation includes an intelligent Sleep function that adjusts to your sleep pattern in order to maximise comfort and suppress your energy costs.

Armed with a gold fin condenser, the WEKA is self-protected from external corrosion, efficiently extending its own operating life. With inbuilt fan delay functionality, air-flow direction control, and a cutting edge defrost feature, the WEKA effectively reduces energy loss – so you only use what you need, when and where you need it.

Freight Cost to islands or remote destinations must be confirmed by supercell Limited