Supercell DIY Home heat pump & Air conditioner cleaner degreaser


Formulated for the HVAC industry now available to home owners.

Supercell HOME Heat pump and Air conditioner cleaner. (C32 MPI food grade approval)

Clean your own indoor units filters and coils to eliminate dirt bacteria and germs from your Heat pump or Air conditioner. When Coils and filters become blocked and dirty they promote loss of efficiency up to 20% which can cost an extra $200 per year per machine.

Flue germs bacteria and virus can live in the indoor unit making it a deverstating sickness delivery machine if left, not to mention mould and fungi build up where the air comes out.

These moulds and fungi have little hooks that attach to the wall of lungs and throat causing incessant coughing and is extremely hard to remove even with medicine.

This does not have to happen and with your Supercell Home heat pump & Air conditioner cleaner you can show your appliance some love and it will return the favour with efficient even tempitures and healthy air quality inside your home. 

By spraying the indoor coil while the unit is running on cooling or fan mode the appliance will pull the cleaner disinfectant through the coil removing any dirt and germs to the drain pan to remove any bacteria and wash out  dirt that may block the drain.

Remember Heat pumps & Air-conditioners will remove 2 litters and more of moisture/humidity an hour so if drain pan is blocked that is going to leak into the house.


Cleans degreases & disinfects

  • Heat pumps
  • Air Conditioners
  • Surfaces 
  • Coils
  • Filters
  • Cases
  • Ceiling defusers (vents)
  • Floor defusers (vents)
  • Refrigerators (C32 Ministry of Primary industry food grade approval)



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