I-VENT ventilation filter



Product Information

  • High Efficiency - Grade  F7 - EU7
  • Filter class - EN779 - Eurovent 4/4
  • Performance data based on ASHRAE 52.2.1992 
  • Moisture treated media
  • Compatible with 
  • I - Vent System
  • 140mm height
  • 295mm width
  • 295mm depth

The I- VENT Minipleat filter medium is 100% polypropylene made with optimum particle capture characteristics, high media area and low pressure drop allows for long life usage.

The Supercell I-VENT filter has superior media treated for the winter damp & humid summer, this means the media will preform through the entire life cycle of the filter unlike the branded filters which collapes like damp toilet paper which can lead to fan damage.

Supercell's I-VENT compatible filter is the best in it's class & 45% cheaper than any other brands.  

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