Healthy Home Pack 105m² R 2.8 Polyester & Supervent™ SV4 Ventilation system


105m² Polyester Ceiling insulation + 1 x Supervent SV4 ventilation system 4 outlets


  • Healthy fresh home
  • Up to 4 rooms ventilated!
  • Healthy family
  • Warmer in winter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Easer to heat or cool when needed
  • Lower energy costs
  • less maintenance
  • fewer dust mites, and allergens
  • clothing and linen in cupboards stays fresher without mould smells
  • Reduced condensation

Our Healthy Home packages consists of insulation and a ventilation system which are designed to meet government requirements to get homes and rental properties healthier, warmer and drier in winter as well as cooler in summer by insulating ceilings (and floors when necessary ), thus reducing heat loss in winter and minimising radiant heat gain from the roof in summer, whilst your ventilation system removes excess moisture and harmful contaminants.

We use  Realwool or Polyester insulation which are the two best insulation products in the market place, they have a much longer lifespan than glass batts and out preform them in every area, not to mention they are best for anyone who has a sensitivity to the environment.

Ventilation will circulate fresh filtered air throughout the home, which is the key to  removing odors, excessive moisture and helping to prevent and manage moulds and bacteria which attack the home furniture, clothing, and bedding and can affect your health, particularly asthmatics and allergy sufferers, meaning days off work and school and in some cases ongoing health issues.

The filtered drier air will keep the home drier which in turn means it is easer & cheaper to heat so effectively you are turning your home inside out and hanging it on the clothes line on a nice day every day.

Price does not include insulation